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Precision Flight Simulator FAA Approved AATD

Precision Flight Simulator

In House Simulator Training and Skill Building.


While there is no substitue for flying in a real airplane in real conditions, a flight simulator can add value to the overall training experience and can help to keep you in the game.

The Precision Flight Simulator CR-12 at Travel Express Aviation is an FAA Approved AATD and is available to clubmembers with our without an instructor at a very reasonable rate. It can be configured to simulate many single and multi engine, Piper, Cessna and Beechcraft aircraft with single engine fixed pitch, single engine complex and multi-engine configurations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?
Club Members should call the office at 630.584.6462 or email your instructor and we will help you to schedule time in the simulator.

When is the Simulator Avialable?
The Simulator can be scheduled any time that is convenient for you and your instructor.

Can I log the Simulator Flight Time?
Yes following FAA regulations, the flight time in our simulator can be logged.

Can I fly the Simulator alone?
Yes, once you have been instructed on how to use the simulator you may fly it on your own. Most pilots require less than a half-hour of instruction to learn to fly the sim.

Can I Simulate Weather?
Absolutely! You can fly simulated weather conditions across the United States.

What is cost per hour of the Simulator at Travel Express Aviation?
At the time of this writing the cost of the simulator is $60 per hour to our club members.