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Introductory Flight Lessons, Discovery Flights
and Gift Certificates

Discover what it feels like to fly! The journey begins here!

During your introductory flight lesson, also known as a discovery flight lesson, you will be introduced to one of TEAs highly regarded flight instructors who will give you an introduction to aviation and show you how to preflight the airplane. With all systems go, you will taxi to the runway and take off for the skies where you will be allowed to pilot a plane under the guidance and supervision of an FAA licensed flight instructor. Call 630.584.6462 or email today to reserve your flight lesson or purchase your gift certificate.

$175 Gift Certificate Redeem this gift certificate for a 1 hour flight lesson in a Piper Warrior or Piper Archer with an FAA Licensed Flight Instructor! During this one hour lesson, you receive a 15 minute pre-flight briefing, 1/2 hour of flight training and a 15 minute post-flight debriefing. This is a great 4 seat training aircraft and also comfortable enough to take on cross country trips!

$400 Gift Certificate Redeem this gift certificate for a 1.5 hour introductory flight lesson in a Cirrus SR20. This certificate entitles you to 1.5 hours with a flight instructor where you will experience 1 hour of flight time behind the controls of a Cirrus SR20 along with a 15 minute pre and post flight review. If you are thinking of learning to fly in a Cirrus, this is the perfect way to get started!

$735 Gift Certificate Redeem this gift certificate for a 1.5 hour flight lesson in a Cirrus SR22 with Garmin Perspective avionics. During this lesson, you will be teamed up with a flight instructor that will give you one half hour of ground training (i.e. 15 minute pre and post flight briefings) and one full hour of flight training in a technologically advanced Cirrus SR22. The Cirrus is a state of the art, 4 seat aircraft and is regarded as the sports car of the fleet!

Custom Introductory flights available - please inquire.

Let us introduce you to our world! Let us teach you to fly!

Note: Prices subject to change without notice. Travel Express Aviation is a membership-based flying club.